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About Us & Our Story

TYZIOR: This Yearning Drives Inspiring Opportunities for Recovery from Injuries

From Personal Tragedy to Empowering Triumph: Dr. Rebecca Collins and TYZIOR™

Dr. Rebecca Collins, the visionary founder of TYZIOR™, embarked on her mission to empower those with disabilities driven by a deeply personal experience. It was a fateful day when her beloved brother, Adam, faced a harrowing accident that left him with second and third-degree burns, and a myriad of broken bones.

Witnessing Adam's struggle firsthand, Dr. Collins knew she had to do everything in her power to help him regain his independence. With unwavering determination, she dedicated her skills as an engineer to develop tools and devices that would enable Adam to navigate the world and reclaim his life with minimal support.

As Adam began to thrive, word spread about Dr. Collins' groundbreaking work. Semper Fi & America's Fund, an organization committed to caring for critically wounded service members and veterans, took notice of her incredible achievements. Inspired by her passion and unwavering commitment, they made a generous donation that propelled TYZIOR™ forward, expanding its reach and furthering research into life-changing technologies.

TYZIOR™ was born as a means to fund ongoing research and provide tools and technologies that improve the lives of thousands of individuals surviving life-altering injuries. Driven by a profound sense of purpose, Dr. Collins and her team tirelessly worked to develop advanced prosthetics, assistive devices, and personalized rehabilitation programs.

The impact of TYZIOR™ extends far beyond Dr. Collins' initial inspiration. The tools and technologies developed through TYZIOR™ have helped numerous individuals with disabilities live better lives, enabling them to find strength, independence, and hope in the face of adversity.

Semper Fi & America's Fund's mission resonated deeply with Dr. Collins and TYZIOR™ vision. By collaborating with the organization, they have created a loving, caring, and committed community that ensures our nation's critically wounded service members and military families receive the respect, appreciation, and support they deserve. Together, they work towards achieving the highest possible quality of life and independence for these heroes.

Dr. Rebecca Collins' personal journey from tragedy to triumph is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Through TYZIOR™, she has transformed her own pain into purpose, empowering countless lives along the way.

Today, TYZIOR™ stands as a beacon of hope and innovation, driven by a mission to redefine possibilities and provide the tools and technologies that help individuals with disabilities live fulfilling lives. Together, with the support of organizations like Semper Fi & America's Fund, TYZIOR™ continues to make a lasting impact, ensuring that no one is forgotten on their road to recovery.


TYZIOR™ is more than a brand—it is a heartfelt promise to those facing disabilities. Together, we embark on a journey of empowerment, realizing dreams, restoring independence, and redefining recovery.

Join us as we create a future where everyone has the opportunity to live a life without limitations.

Thank you

From Dr. Rebecca Collins & the Whole TYZIOR™. Family